Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shopping Spree Special!

Yes ... I've been doing what I do best ... spending MONEY!

Ok so lets start with what I got when I went to london, to go to the Motel sale.

click on the pictures to see the link where I got it! or where you can get it!

 < I love this dress, the colours match with my hair & its so pretty!

I got this playsuit > because I also have the same one in a different pattern, its so comfy, I cant wait till its warmer so I can wear it!
<Blue and white Stripe Shorts I just had to buy! There so cute and will be perfect in summer.

 I had a Gift voucher so I had to make up the price so I brought some lipcote! never really heard of it but it sounded good! I have used it once, tasted strange will have to use it more!

I fell in love with this dress the moment they released the collection on the site, I just had to have it!

I have Decided to allow myself to be more 50's/rockabilly/pin-up
I have always love the style, but growing up I just thought it would be too expensive 
to buy this style of clothing. I decided to search for the cheapest deals & see what I could do =]

I got this sexy halter neck from the Collectif shop in camden

And this jumper is from ebay but originally from Collectif
as you may have realised I LOVE leopardprint! so this was a must have!  

I've wanted turquoise hair for years but its a very hard colour to get right
so I got a wig to save me the effort & dammage to my hair!
I searched for days to get the perfect one for me. 
This is not it =[ 
unfortunately the one I wanted had a defect so they couldn't send it.
I chose this one instead, it was as close the the perfect one as I could get.
never the less I still love it to bits! Its SO LONG!
I have cut the fringe so its perfect for me & I added some layers

I've Been seeing these spike hats around and I just had to get one! 
I looked on ebay and found a cheap deal

This V neck mesh top is so sexy I had a pink one but the V didnt go all the way down.
I decided to get this one. Its just the right amount of sexy!

River Island
Spike necklace this is so cool! lots of bling and spikes best combo! 

Bum bag/Fanny pack! I had to get one of these its so stylish!
I'm going to New york I'n May and I figured this would be good to use for my trip!

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much love!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Instagram Monthly & 50's Outfit post!

Sorry its late!

Heres Instagram Monthly 
& an outfit post!

Enjoy x

This picture just totally amazed me ! I love it!

Some very lush pictures there =]!

Now I really wanted to share this outfit with everyone
please tell me what you think!

I went to Camden in london the other day & got this dress it was £25 .. I should have asked for £20 because it was from the market and not a branded dress, but oh well! 
It was screaming buy me! The colour is lush, its so me! <3

I have teamed it with with a dark Blue polkadot silk bandana from Primark
I didn't have a light blue one to match, 
I did my makeup classic to match the 50's style:
 eyeliner with a flick, red lips and filled in my eyebrows.
For the lips I used a lip stain this is so good for this look as it stayed on for ages!

My Hair:
I put my hair in a high ponytail, curled the ends 
then I curled my fringe under and flicked it back on itself 
added the bandana, took my hair out of the ponytail and let it fall to the side.

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