Saturday, 20 July 2013


Hello there! sorry I haven't done a good post in a while!
I've been meaning to do this one for a while now!

I have Loads of jewellery! I needed somewhere I can access it very easily otherwise I wont wear it ! 
so I got all creative.. somewhere I had seen this done before, a picture frame used as a hanging thing!


Heres what I did! 
I got a white mirror from B&M's store and took the mirror out  

Next I painted the frame natural hessian (off white)
let it dry then I needed to decide how I was going to hang necklaces from this.

I found some wood in the garden,
 we had some left over from the wardrobe me and my dad built in my room XD!  
Next I measured how long I would need this thin pice of wood
 by slotting it in the ridge where the mirror sat.
sawed the wood in half then I used a hammer to bang in some small nails evenly spaced out. my necklaces would sit and hang from the nails.

Now the fixing part,
 I used my dads glue gun to glue it to the frame sitting in the ridge where the mirror would have sat.
let this dry and then decided I wanted to pick out the detail in the frame so I grabbed my black nail art pen and started to paint on top of the pattern.
this took ... forever!!!!!!!! ... its still not finished...

Here it is on my wall! 

This is the wardrobe me and my dad built!
one side of it

it now has 2 hanging rails YAY! XD

Hope you have enjoyed this post! 
get your creative juices flowing! XD!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Motel Party Month

Its Motel Rocks Party Month at The Motel Rocks Street Team!
Here are my party looks, day and night!

For my Night Party look I really like Dark colours and Shimmery glitter! 
So I can sparkle all night!
Quite eye catching in the disco lights!

For My Day Party look I love looking cute, fresh and girly, 
with beautiful flowers on my dress and head! Also interesting colour and texture on my nails!  

Please take a look on My Polyvore to see the individual items!

Check out Motel's Summer Season Collection!

Thanks for looking! 
Have a beautiful day!

Friday, 14 June 2013

MY New York buys!!!!!

As you may or may not know I've just came back from a weeks holiday in NY with my mum! 

My First time to America! 

It was so amazing I loved it there, everyone was so nice, helpful and I got loads of compliments on my hair! I stayed on street very close to Macys. We shopped, we walked and we did tourist things!
If you go TAKE COMFY TRAINERS!!!! We walked pretty much everywhere!

Shopping in New York.
I didn't go to many shops at all but the ones I did I loved! Especially SEPHORA
We have nothing like this in the UK
To describe this I would Say it's like 
Debinams makeup counters but layed out differently.

It's amazing, they had LancĂ´me,urban decay, smash box, bare minerals so much more! Also had a nail section perfume section and skin care section! 

I looked at the makeup nails and skin care. In this shop there is a sample of every product on the shelf! EVERYTHING tan,nail varnish, any makeup, face cleanser ... Even some brushes where out so you could touch them!

This to me was so amazing and to top it off there were NO snobby stuck up bitches who looked down at you or made you feel like you shouldn't be there! In their place was helpful, polite people who Are not afraid to compliment you and help you out.
Such good customer service.
The UK sucks as this. Most people end up being pushy and make u buy things. 

How did I shop in there? 
I walked around tried on everything and anything I wanted, with no one giving me bad looks.
I enjoyed every second of it. In their nail section you can just stand there and paint your nails whatever colour you like from whatever brand you like!  With having covered my face and nails I decided oh I'd like to try a different lipstick, so I look at the side of the counter and there is sanitizer,makeup remover, sponges, q tips,cotton pads. Off the lipstick goes on goes another one!   
Walk around the shop a few more times and decide I love it coz it stayed on so I buy it! 

Here's what I got!

5 minute whitening gel! and St Tropez tanning moose 
I got these because I saw kandee Johnsons video about them I trust her opinion and reviews as I can see her using it and it works! 

Lancome Mascara, Urban decay lipgloss, Noir Tease from victoria secrets

blue denim wash Shorts and tropical print dress from Forever 21

Crazy Top cant remember where I got it

And this cute top from a shop called Rainbow 

Bright pink bra top from PINK in Victoria Secret 

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Here are some pictures I took when I was there 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Instagram Monthly!


My birthday is in April! 
There for I love April!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Makeup tutorial!

As u may have seen in older posts I like to dress up as a nurse.
On this occasion it was for a little music video project my dad was putting together
for his music he makes in his shed.

Think i look like a VERY young audrey kitching here when she had blue hair! XD!