Monday, 31 October 2011

My Halloween look !

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Today I'm going to talk through my Halloween look !
I'm a nurse!

Its actually a miss massage not a nurse outfit
I did have a hat but it looked silly with my hair!
I have a bloody apron on that is made out of a top that you wear over your swim wear, I cut off the sleeves and made it into a halter neck you can find how to do this on YouTube =]. used fake blood and flicked with paint brush and dripped with the bottle and left it to dry.

I didn't want to look scary so I did nice make-up

concealer, white powder, foundation 
more white powder and ivory powder
Barry M glitter on my eyes with white pencil under my eyebrows so they stand out.
Filled in my eyebrows a bit to make them thicker, 
then put on my eyelashes
hiding the glue with black eye-liner, 
then used silver glitter eye-liner 
to outline my flicks and under my eyes.
Pink blusher just under my cheek bone 
and 2 beauty marks where I have freckles
finished off with pink lipstick 
that I'm not wearing in that picture haha. 
Slightly sprayed my face with hairspray, 
to make my make-up stay on longer.

Crimped on small crimp, 
swept to the side and clipped, 
then back combed loads to make it stand up as much as I could, sprayed quite a few times for extra hold.

My nails go with my outfit!
Check out my nail tutorial 

Have a Spooky Halloween hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 27 October 2011


AAAAaaaahhhh ! 
Try out these sick bloody nails 
Here's my inspiration !

I chose the splatter so it will go with my costume for Halloween !
First I started with white nails, then simply dipped my nail brush into the red nail varnish and blobbed gently on my nail, then dragged it around, be careful not to make it to thick, and remember to do little dots as well as lines and splodges!
also use quick dry spray before you top coat, 
you want it really dry so the blood doesn't smudge.

 Hope you have enjoyed this mess of a bloody blog! 
Get creative with your nails this Halloween !
Happy Halloween!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Scull face!

I have been seeing load of pictures on Tumblr and around the internet of people having these really pretty scull like designs on their faces! so I decided to do my own!
Its a BRILL idea for Halloween!

Firstly I started with a pale face use face-paint or make up if you have it.
I used face paint to black out my eyes, drawing a circle all round the eyes and eyebrows
then I drew pink around the circles with eye-liner and drew leaf likes shapes.

Secondly I blacked out the tip of my nose then lined my lips and took the lines up my cheeks,
after that I added detail to my upper cheeks, forehead and chin!

Hope you are all inspired by this scary look!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Nightmare Before Christmas Nails !
For Halloween! 

I came across these pictures so I made my own !

Here are my nail pictures =]

looks a bit strange but oh well ! haha I'm sure it would be better if I tried again !

Its a bit early for Halloween things but I'm going on holiday soon and I have allot I wanted to post!
check out my customised shoes !

loves Ittttt !

Thursday, 6 October 2011

What I brought in Cambridge (shopping hall)

Here's a little vid for you about what I got 
when I was shopping in Cambridge today!
Enjoy XD

Halloween nails and other things coming soon !