Tuesday, 3 April 2012



I've been seeing loads of blogs about this and I wanted to try it !
I chose:


The first time I tried this I used the basic eyeliner flick,
it was a bit fiddly (because im not used to sticking eyeliner on! haha) but I got used to it. You have to get it in the right place otherwise you end up giving yourself a bit of a face lift!!!

When I brought this I thought it was actually a transfer tattoo type thing.. but its basically like a sticker, kinda fury and looks like perfect eyeliner!

All you do is peal the inside of the eyeliner off the backing and place on your eye. I recommend 1st use one that you dont like or you dont think you will wear, just incase you really screw it up!

< Heres me with the eyeliner from the cover

There is 4 in a pack and these last all night! It says 16hrs! and it dose last! If you mess up a corner and its not sticky anymore just add a blob of eyelash glue!

I would recommend this to anyone who dares to look "Out There!" I got mine from New Look
but you can buy them here! http://www.nailrock.com/eye-rock-trends.html
Also looking on the website helped me choose what ones I liked!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post!
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xox Phie