Sunday, 8 January 2012

Glitter Picture/Mirror Frame ?

As you may have realised ....I LOVE GLITTER!
I had this amazing idea to put Glitter paper into a picture frame!
so here it is 

All I did was get my Glitter paper, that I got from an art store, and cut out the size of the inside frame and put it in like you would a picture! This is a very fun/easy and different way to jazz things up a bit in any room, and I think it looks very classy NOT tacky! 

For ultimate GLAM 
I draped some silver beads across the frame

Another thing you can do with Glitter paper.
I was bored of my mirror so I put glitter around the frame!

Here's how:
measure the size of your paper by holding it up to your frame and curve it round then cut it, after that decide how many pieces you need and use the first one as a template. Then get some double sided sticky tape and put it on your mirror then peal off the other side and stick your glitter paper onto it! SIMPLE!

Thanks for reading I hope this inspires you =]
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Monday, 2 January 2012

January, National Thank You Month!

National Thank You Month 
reminds us to say Thank You more often.

Here are my Many Thanks!

Thank you to all that have been reading,
and following my blog!

Thank you to my family and family friends for being so amazing, loving and supporting me.

Thank you to my Best friends for putting up with me and being there for me always and listening to me even when I ramble on about silly things.

Thank you to my friends for having great times with me and making me happy.

Thank you to the people that inspire me, I look up to you all so much.

Thank you to all the mean people that have bullied, back-stabbed and bitched, you have made me the strong confident person I am today.

Thank you to national thank you month for reminding us to say thank you for things we don't usually say thank you for. 

This year I have come to appreciate everything I have. I'm so grateful to have a nice house and nice things. I know there are people out there with nothing and it has made me realise how lucky I am.

I hope this post makes you think about what you are thankful for and that you do say thank you =]
have a great month!