Sunday, 20 January 2013

Washing Hair extensions ..

Allot of my Clients are worried about washing their Clip In Hair Extensions, 
so heres how!

I hope you have found this useful

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 have a nice day!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Story Of My Hair

This the story of my hair!
Red first underneath 

short with pink

even shorter with pink and choppy side fringe
side fringe the other way and a bit of blue
 extensions and shorter fringe

very rounded block fringe and pink
short with pink and this is when I was going diagonal with my pink 
looks like its all over but its not
didn't leave the hairdressers but wanted a pic lol!
faded pink that went over the ginger and nearly black under fringe
short with block fringe pink with brown under
Magenta again with dark under
and extensions
pink with dark dead str8 fringe 
baby pink different fringe bit longer with extensions
pink with dark extensions
pink with blue raccoon tail and extensions

this is this when I started colouring the back a bit darker, brown added on top
reddish pink more brown on top extensions
long fringe!
the pink i use now
blond all pushed forward
blond with pink highlights extensions 
pink at sides
colour is only at the front of my hair not underneath the back

short and blue
short blond with brown under fringe 
Redish brown at back with blond front
hated my hair this short!

Only had pink at the front then i started to add it underneath at the back 

This is me now! with extensions in
I've tried my hardest to put it in order... but you get the idea!
crazy times!

hope u enjoy looking at my different colour and styles!