Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pink and blue always go together

Here is a crazy make-up tutorial for you all to feast your eyes on ! 
when I was younger I did this really cool make-up and I wanted to re-create this look 

So I did first do what you do, put foundation and powder on or w/e you use. sorry about my messy eyebrows
and sorry if the font is too small

add your sexy lipstick then away you go !

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ice Cream ?

Woah when I saw this picture I just had to try it !

So I did! first I painted my nails pink, let them dry then paint the tip on wonky and like dripping ice cream, just using the normal nail varnish brush. let the dripping ice cream dry then add your SPRINKLES! choose any 3 colours you like! dot each colour on. I used the tooth pick again. let your sprinkles set then add a top coat! 

Here's how it turned out, YUMMY.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Daily Make-up routine!

Starting with moisturising my face. first do concealer then foundation, powder, lash curler and blusher, then anything I want to put on my eyes and lips! and that's it! 
If I have less time id drop the foundation lipstick and blusher

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


so I was looking at some nail art and 
I was like omg how do they get the perfect polka dot !?
well I found out you can use a tooth pick(cut off the points)
but there is a nail art brush for dotting. 

okay so what I did to make dots 
was put my nail varnish on a bit of card and 
dipped my tooth pick in the nail varnish then 
doted my nail and made a pretty patten!

lush !

Monday, 19 September 2011

Have you got anything to make my hair grow faster?

NO ! Don't be silly !

But if you have healthy hair it will help.
damaged hair will only snap and split ends will split off leaving you stuck at the same length or even shorter in some places!

The best thing you can do to keep your hair in good condition is treat it well !
using products! as you know I have pink hair therefore I bleach it allot and yes I do have split ends!
but I try to make my hair as healthy as it can be.

Always use heat protection when straightening or blow-drying
Use a Re-constructive conditioner this will begin to repair your hair.
you can also use a split ends treatment
(Sp Ends express: seals split ends and prevents them from reoccurring )
or you can visit your salon for conditioning treatments and tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy.

This mask penetrates deep into the hair to help repair damage caused by chemicals and other environmental stresses. I highly recommend this! leave this on for 7-10 mins.

This Moroccan Oil treatment has the ability to help restore condition to over processed hair,controls frizz and gives unbelievable shine!
absorbs into the hair leaving no residue!
and again I highly recommend this!

If you use professional products you WILL see and feel a result.

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Phie x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Check ?

I got bored so I painted my nails like a check board !

This is just to show you what you can do I wouldn't have both pink and white I think the white and black is better its very bold!

all I did was painted my nail white, let it dry, then got my nail art brush and painted lines
horizontal then vertical then filled in the squares. excuse the messy application!

Have fun painting..!#

Here is a picture of what I randomly came up with
little hearts

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kitsch Kaos ?

Haha that's me !

I LOVE Kitsch Kaos, its just such a cool site 
and there's so many different things on there, really good for gifts!

Here are the good points..

  • There is FREE UK SHIPPING < WOOO! 
  • They point out the best sellers
  • They have a customer gallery 
  • When you submit a picture they give you a good discount
    that lasts ages! 
  • They tell you what's new to the store (freshly baked)
  • You can keep up-to-date by adding them to
    Facebook,Twitter and My Space!
  • They are also a wholesalers (if you own a shop)
  • You get free gifts when you order!
Here are my Favourite items!  

Thanks for reading .. 
Now go and look at this unique inspiring site!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

7 hairstyles for everyday of the week challenge

 Monday morning Wash and go!
This is what my hair is like when I have washed it. All I have done is wash and dried it just using my hands or a paddle brush and put a bandanna on. but for the people with curls and waves you can straighten with GHDs to get a smooth straight finish remembering to use heat protector!

Tuesday messy clip up.
all I did was took my un-brushed hair hair and held it up at the back like I was going to do a pony tail then twisted my hair about 4 times then twisted it close to my head then secured it with a claw clip. I like to have my layers left out.

Wednesday sides up.
Take 2 comb slides and slide them up in front of each ear and back then push them back on themselves
then add hairspray to the sides.

Thursdays Bun
brush your hair into a pony tail, secure, get a bun ring and pull your hair through then grip your hair over the bun so the bun is not showing (look at the back of your hair to make sure) then spray all over the head!

Fridays Big Hair !
back comb/brush you hair spray using a strong hold hairspray so it lasts all day and night ! and I have pushed my block fringe to the side just to give myself brand new look! Easy!

Saturdays curls !
Using a big curling wand or curling tongs I curled my hair away from my face each side so it looks like my hair is blowing in the wind! Then use a firm hold hairspray like Bed Head Hard head, or Shock waves hairspray and maybe a bit of shine spray! after that you will be ready to PARTY!

Sunday trendy plaits!
okay so this is not your usual plait, what I did was start a normal plait at the side of my head then only take a section from the back on the 3rd strand and carry on down then when You cant take any more hair from the back finish with a normal plait and secure with a clear band!

Whats in my bag

What’s In My Bag?
  • Bag Paul’s boutique
  • Business phone
  • Ipod 
  • Always Purse
  • Always Food 
  • Always Glam Shine lip gloss <3 
  • Lacara beauty Lipstick 
  • Mouth spray
  • Ear muffs
  • Sunglasses 
  • Hand balm
  • Always tissues
  • Primark perfume.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Make-up throw away and what to take where!

Here is a list of make up and when you should throw it away!

Foundation (cream/liquid)     2 Years
Powder                                2 Years
Concealer                            2 Years
Cream and powder Blusher  2 Years
Mascara                              6 months
Lipstick                               12-18 months
Eye and Lip pencils              12-18 months
Eye shadow                         2 years
Eye cream                           6 months
Moisturiser                          2 years
Sun cream                           2 years
Face cream                         2 years

Here is a guide to what make-up you should have where!
also I have put next to it what I use !

Home Make-up

Foundation                         Avon Smooth minerals ivory
Concealer                          Collection 2000 cover up stick
Powder                              Collection 2000 mineral powder
4 eye shadow colours
Eye-liners                           Avon Mega impact and Rimmel London exaggerate
Mascara                             Max Volume Flash Rimmel London or Avon Spectra lash
Blusher                               Avon face pearls
Lipstick, gloss and lip pencil

Everyday Make-up bag       Hello kitty

Small foundation, concealer and blusher
Pressed powder
Mirror                                 Hello Kitty
eye shadow small palette     Front Cover to go
mini mascara                       Lacara beauty
lip gloss                              Glam shine
mini brushes
face cream                          No'7 Day cream

Evening Make-up Bag

Lipstick or gloss                 Glam shine
Lip pencil                           Avon Glimmerstick
Eye liner                             Avon Mega impact
Compact powder
Mini perfume                      Seductive -Primark
Breath mints

Sourse: Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bravissimo | Big Bras, Lingerie, Swimwear and Nightwear for D - KK Cup Women

I know what you are thinking ... IM NOT EVEN A D CUP ...
yeah well I bet you are go get yourself measured At your local Bravissimo and find out !
They don't even measure you they just look at you in your bra,
then they give you bras to try on and they tell you  if it fits you right!

I was told I was a 34 B in a shop
I hear about Bravissimo and I go along and turns out I'm a 30E!
"The Bigger the back the smaller the cup"
"The Smaller the back the bigger the cup"
and you can be different sizes in different bras so always get someone to look at you and ask their opinion.

When you first get a bra that ACTUALLY FITS It will be very tight and slightly uncomfortable (because you are not used to such support) Just like a new pair of shoes, you have to wear them in.
I had to put tissue under my straps for a while but it was all okay in the end!

Please take a look through the site because I want you to have this life changing experience!

My cousin had massive boobs and she always had back ache
and it made her look all saggy and old wearing bras that didn't fit her
so I told her about Bravissimo and she got measured and was a 30HH
I think she was wearing 34 F or something.
It was so nice to see her stand up straight and look better in her clothes!

Here's my beautiful bras I have from Bravissimo!
I have just ordered this bra porcelain-strapless-bra

Bikini top

Everyday Tshirt bra

 Plunge Bra

My first Bravissimo bra!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Getting Medical

Hey everyone! 
The other day I was going to a gig dressed as a nurse. 
I wanted to paint my nails in a medical style.. 
so I looked on Google for some inspiration I only found one picture of nail art,
it just had a hospital cross on the nail. 
That's boring I thought.. 
so I researched medical pictures and heart beat pictures and I came up with this!

I just used a black nail varnish and a light pink one, 
Yes it to AGES! but I wanted to so it  =]
Used a small paintbrush that I cut down to a point and followed the pictures!

Here is me all dressed up as a nurse with a band called The Treatment!

Monday, 5 September 2011

My Boudoir Bedroom

This is my lush boudoir room!

For those of you that would like to have one, get your reading eyes on 
cos below I'm going to tell you where to get what!

My furniture is from Ebay
type in: shabby chic furniture /or use these key words Rococo and Damask 

mine is: Ivory Rococo Bedroom Furniture dressing table set of 6

But I only have one side table.

My exact wallpaper is from
Home base <click 
My Chandelier, Otter-man,boxes, bed, wardrobe 
and photo frames are from Argos  
Marlin Monroe picture from The Range
Frame above my bed from Matalan
Velvet Headboard from Next

Hope you have found this helpful!

My favourite Avon Products!

Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner
price: £6.00
Get style eye liner in an easy to use pencil (glides on!)

for a bold intensive colour.Lasts AGES and stays bold!

Avon Spectralash Mascara
price: £10.00
Innovative mascara gives three looks in one tube - 
just twist up the unique packaging to customise your preferred level of volume, 
from a full everyday look to dramatic high-impact look.
you can actually tell the difference between each level

Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray
price: £6.00
Spray nails dry in a flash 
A convenient, fast-drying top coat in a easy to use spray.

Avon Illuminating Face Pearls
price: £9.00

Gives cheeks and brow a subtle, radiant sheen.

Avon Glazewear Dazzle Lip Gloss
price: £6.00 £3.00
Our sparkliest gloss for lips that dazzle! 
Gives lips a super high gloss finish and silky smooth feel with no stickiness

Avon Care Glycerine Hand and Nail Cream

price: £3.50 £1.75
Leaves nails looking shiny and feeling healthy.
With calcium, vitamin E and glycerine.
Python Ring
price: £8.50
Burnished brass-plated snake ring. Adjustable to fit sizes 6-10.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dont get Violent and Lippy with me !

ooh you animal !

Check out what I want so bad right now !
violentlips < click it !

Cant seem to find anywhere to get them in the UK yet =[ 
but I will be sure to post about it if I do =]

Lip tattoo's are such a good idea I cant wait to try them out!

Hello again ! 
I ordered some lip tattoos from Ebay 
but they are not from violent lips, 
the tattoo its self was slightly different but I had lots of fun trying it.
When I put the lip tattoo on it didn't feel like I had anything on my lips! it was smooth just like my lip. but it felt slightly like I had chapped lips. I could also drink and eat with it on to =]

I would definatly recommend these for photo shoots, party's and beauty/art college work. I'm sure they will hit the shops in time, 
I've already seen them in Sally that's a hair and beauty suppliers in Cambridge.

BLING BLING...bling bling ...

No Fair I want a Bling phone case!
My phone gets upgraded to
so I order this from

I love this SO MUCH and if I get bored there is more to choose from
Its fun to look at and protects your phone!
phones happy .. your happy