Wednesday, 26 September 2012

THERES NO "I" IN TEAM! no "me" in us, no "you" in we

As u may or may not know Im appart of

We are now celebrating that we have

Why the hell do u keep blogging about this all the time?

Well I'll tell you!

Im so glad I became apart of Motel Rocks Street team
Its so amazing to be apart of such a wicked team, there is never a dull moment!
There is always fun tasks to complete with BRILLIANT PRIZES! 
There is loads of nice people to talk to and ask advice/help like: what to buy from motel and how promote them or share with everyone what you got from Motel! 

Being apart of this team brings excitement to my life!
When I win a prize it makes me over the moon and I get way to excited!
also I got Street Teamer of the month, my hard work got noticed and I'm so thankful for it!
there is NO doubt about it ...


Thanks for reading!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dont have enough money to buy it? MAKE IT!


As you may or may not know ...
I now have a Diploma in Manicures and Pedicures .. XD!
So I have been looking on Ebay for some items related to that!

Today I thought I could do with a Nail Varnish Display Stand ....
I have sooo many nail varnishes! 
I looked and the cheapest was £8 or something... I thought to myself... 
omg I could make one! 
So I did!

I gathered some wood from the shed 

1 thick bit, double the length of your keyboard!
I thought about what shape I wanted it to be and came up with a stairs effect 

I sawed the wood in half
(placed my wood half on a low table then put my foot on the bit on the table then sawed)
(please be careful when sawing, if you can, get someone who knows what their doing)

Next I sanded down the rough edges of my wood
Then I messed around with what way I was going to put them together
when I decided I painted the sides that would be seen
(waited till dry)

Then I glued the bits of wood together with wood glue from pound land
(waited till dry)

Then I wanted to decorate it so it was all pretty!
so I found some little stars and glued them on!
(waited till dry)
I only decorated the bits that would be seen!

This is the end result! 
Now my nail varnishes can be displayed neatly!
these are not all my varnishes but these are the ones I have out for autumn! 

I hope I have inspired you all to make something!
remember if you really think about it you could make something out of nothing!
I only used once pice of wood, glue, paint and sequin stars!

Before you spend the money you may not have, take time to think creative and make it yourself!

Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Volume Bun


Just made a cool bun look!

Blow-dry you hair upside down and brush it whilst doing so
when hair is dry stay upside-down and grab your hair like you do for a ponytail.

twist your hair round into a bun and move your hand holding the bun up and down 
so the top and sides of your hair have volume then clip using a claw clip
you can also pull some bits out around your face to soften the look.

I have used no products on this but you can use moose and hairspray for hold! 


Enjoy this loose glam look! 


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

When you decide to ruin your hair...



I have had so many of you come to me to sort your over bleached hair out.
we have all done it ... but please stop making the same mistakes!

You are gutted upset and feel like a fool
The colour looks patchy,orange,yellow or green
You have frazzled your ends /sometimes mid lengths and/or your whole front side + fringe

Now your hair wont grow long.

When ur hair is split / singed / over processed /frazzled it will keep splitting off.
Yes your hair is growing, but its not getting anywhere because it is braking off at the ends.

What should I do?
Best thing you can do is get it cut. I know you dont want to but its the only way to get it growing again.

You can condition it all you want but it wont cure your frazzled/singed ends!
(even if it says so on your supermarket conditioner)

Please think about the consequences of home hair colouring
is it worth having a reaction if i dont skin test?
is it worth being upset at the end of it?
is it worth looking silly?
is it worth having your lush locks cut off because there frazzled?
Is it worth not paying for a professional?

and remember.. ITS MORE EXPENSIVE to sort out your hair when its an uneven mess, than it is to have it done how you want it!

aslo dont even think about cutting your own hair ... it will only go wrong...

If you decide to go ahead anyway good luck and PLEASE read the instructions! xox