Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cracked Effect Nail polish

I was going out at the weekend and I wanted to wear a leopard print dress and shoes...

I also wanted to do leopard print on my nails, 
but I was being lazy and didn't try because I knew I would mess it up... 
so what I did was used a black cracked effect polish with a natural colour underneath 
(like you would use for a manicure)

Heres what it looks like.

and when I was out in the club someone actually said your nails look like leopard print.
YAY thats what I was going for! 

> Please note when you use this cracked effect polish its really hard to paint on your nail
so do it quick and use lots on your brush!

> A random note Check out a band called Hyper Crush! 
I'm totally loving them right now!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentines Day Towel Folding!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas and new years!
Its Valentines day soon and I wanted to do a little post so here it is...
I made a little vid for you all about towel folding cute heart shapes and swans!

Thanks for watching and reading!
I hope u all have a lovely Valentines day even if you don't have a valentine, why not just treat yourself, maybe have a pamper night!