Thursday, 23 August 2012

T-shirt becomes Fitted-Low neck-Tie shoulder Top!


As you may have read, I was going to customise a top 
that I won from motel .... So here it is! 

Started of with this .. baggy big t-shirt

finished with this!
Okay so here is how:

First cut the bottom off:
Put shirt on and see what length you want it 
remembering that it will curl up about 1cm - 2 cm
make a mark, then take it off and cut it off.
when you have cut the bottom stretch the fabric so it curls.

Next is the neck line:
Again put shirt on and see how low you want it to come.
cut down from the middle to wear you want it, take shirt off and cut both sides of the collar off,
going up from the bottom of where you just cut to the mid shoulder.
Now you have an off the shoulder top!
You can leave it like this if you want!

Next cut the short sleeves off: 
Start at the top and cut close to the edge so you have enough shirt to sit on your shoulder.
Cut the shoulder in half, stretch the fabric and then put on again and tie together where you want it to sit

After that we want the top to fit our figure nicely.
first start mig top at the back only, cut a horisontal line about 4 fingers wide each side from the middle, so you end up with one line, then cut 1cm down another line, now you have made a tie, pull this to make it curl, do the same to the other side, 
carry this on all the way up and down the back of the shirt, 
tying them together as you go allong. 

when you have done, put the top on and see how it fits and see if it needs to be adjusted 
I had from big loop to small to medium loop.  

when you have got the perfect fit for you take the top off again
and cut the loos ends off the nots leaving a little stump
this will look neat.

Here are some pictures of other tops I have cut!

Now you can renew your boring baggy t-shirts!
fun fun!
Thanks for reading! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

YAY! I Won Motel Rocks Comp!


Hey Readers! <3
Sorry I have not posted allot recently.. 
not really been feelin it lol!
but here is a new post!

I recently won a Motel Rocks Competition 
thought I'd share this with you!

This is my picture taken on Instagram
cracks me up!

I was in primark changing rooms and 
left a leaflet in all the rooms open XD
wanted to get a picture of me handing them out 
but I was on my own =[
 Handed out to all girls wearing motel type clothes telling them "it sells clothes like you are wearing!"
also left one flyer on the bus seat I was on XD!

Here's what I won!
YAY! This is more than I expected! I love it all!

Im going to do another blog post about customising tops, using the motel one.. as you can see its quite big and we all know it woud look ..THE BOMB! customised! XD cant wait!

I have also made these as my flyers
someone posted the idea on the motel rocks Street Team Page

my code is on the back, very fun to make!
got wallpaper samples and stuck them on then added gem things!

Motel Hillary Strapless Body In Leopard!

Heres some Nail Art I did!
Click HERE & HERE to see what product I used!

Thanks for reading <3