Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Daily Make-up routine!

Starting with moisturising my face. first do concealer then foundation, powder, lash curler and blusher, then anything I want to put on my eyes and lips! and that's it! 
If I have less time id drop the foundation lipstick and blusher


  1. wow! this is a great post! you look soo different by the end!

    I wonder if you have seen this before? ... I like the "Winter Magic" one the best...

  3. oh woah !! nicee ! thanks for the link !

  4. yeah! Lime Crime used to have these awesome crazy makeup tutorials like this one:
    orrr this one:
    but now i think they've gotten a bit too tame... do you think you could come up with a crazy cool makeup tutorial??

  5. also this one...!

    ok ill stop now!

  6. Woah! hum not as crazy and beautiful as them ! haha but i could give it a go XD there is one picture of me and i love my make up in it ... i could try that out again !
    and UN-TAME YOURSELF FOOL ! i know there's a crazy you in there ... you used to have pink hair like me .. i think you would really get away with the new light pink hair that's going around !