Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Thick Messy Bun For Thin Hair!

Thick Messy Bun For Thin Hair!

I cant make a nice bun with my hair at all, no matter what i try its just way to thin!

I went late night shopping and found a nice hair hairband 
it was £1.50 from Primark and it matched my hair colour, 

So I was sitting in the car in Tesco car park playing around with it 
and made it look like I had a thick side bun! 


Here's how I did it!
I put my hair in a side ponytail with the hair hairband 
and just twisted my hair and hid it around the hair hairband,
 if you have shorter hair you can curl it and/or pin it so it all blends in. 
That's all there is to it, the flicks make it look full and thick.
This is a great look for a date, lunch with the girls or any occasion!

 Here is a messy bun type look, 
instead of twisting my hair to hide it i just backcombed it.

Hope you find this useful you thin haired girls! 
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