Tuesday, 4 December 2012


You may or may not know ..

My hair is 

If your thinking ... OMG I WISH I HAD THAT!
then I kindly ask you to not read as this post is not for you.

Back to my hair:
It really gets me down... I have a long face and with long straight hair this makes it look longer
as a stylist I know what hair I need but I dont want it.
(short hair a graduated bob would be best to make it thicker )

So what the hell do I do?
well I have some ways
For a start I have a thick block fringe, this covers my MASSIVE 4head and makes my face look more oval shaped.

I dont layer any bit of my hair passed my ear towards my face accept the graduation at the front
this is because my graduation is slightly messed up but its ok coz having shorter bits around my neck make my face look better. Also this section of hair is thinner than the rest of your hair as your scalp finishes at ur ear and the back of your scalp goes down ur neck. If I did layer this id have super thin hair at the front and it would also be shorter than the rest of my hair.

Here is what I have tried:

The best thing so far is having my hair...
Set In Rollers
this will last up to 3 days

It takes allot of time and effort to put in rollers let them dry and then style it
but if ur going somewhere nice or just really fed up of ur slick hair its the way to go!

(please feel no shame in asking for a set at the salon, all the celebs are doing it)

With the set when its all done, I back comb all my hair at the root getting it massive(so you look ridiculous and scary) then spray but not too much, then lightly comb HALF WAY down
your hair will always drop by the time u get out. so dont think ur hair is too big coz if its not it will just be flat when you get to that spesh place. then If want to il straighten the front and the ends or I will put my hair up to the side and add more curls and sometimes extensions

Heated Rollers
To be very honest with you .. they dont work on my hair
I got the biggest set of rollers I could find from the wholesalers (with lots of rollers in/all sizes)
did it a few times .. just sliped right out =[ very upset<
id only use them if I was in a rush and wanted it to last a few hrs
found them really hard to put in as-well.

Curling Tongs
They wont give you volume by curling but will add some body!
we all know its takes a while.. curling works on my hair but always slipes out quick

Do tight curls so when it drops it will be the look you want. curl away from face makes hair look thicker.

Back-combing (on its own)
yep im a fan of the scene kid look (lion mane)
used to do it allot
so much effort and arm ache takes forever for me to get exact shape I want
always goes flat in my hair VERY QUICK
if ur willing to touch it up every 15 mins then go ahead

Better done when hair has been blow-dried with volume.

ok this is the second BEST thing i've found
You have to not care that your hair is a frizzy afro

I LOVE IT! my hair is BIG and THICK!
takes a very long time but so worth it!
stays in for few days!

Can make it even bigger with back-combing that will stay in coz its frizzy
got the REALLY old babylis crimper has 3 different crimps and a flat plate for straightening
i use it on the 2nd smallest.

using a waver
slightly quicker than curling
not much volume but you get thicker looking hair and width

Start at eye level or just below.

with a big round brush ... way to much effort for ones self!
(let your hairdresser do this for you!)
cant really get the right angle to do it, takes to much effort and time
will work if you can put up with doing it.
lots of ways to do it .. look it up on youtube .. I did =]

Extensions and Weaves
Had a weave from the person nextdoor.
HURT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but looked SO LUSH! hurts when you sleep, is tight for quite a while
really not worth the money or pain, didn't last that long either
not really meant for us white girls!

thickness YES! not much effort, bit of money will last YEARS if u look after them !

volume ?

YES! I found this AMAZING hair pice! Expensive yes but ticked ALL my boxes.
CLICK HERE! to see the product  im talking about !
LOVE everything about it, gives SO MUCH thickness slight curl <3
VOLUME coz its so thick and has wire in the top so you can push it higher for more height
I love this so much here is a vid on it! 

If you go out allot and or always want to look your best ever then this is for you!
I dont wear mine allot but when I do I feel like the best, sexy, happy, confident, like a celeb
when I feel down I just pop it on and feel FAB!

Look on fb and ebay for cheaper ones and discount! wear with extensions for an EPIC look!

So thats what I have tried to get the hair I want.
I was thinking about trying a Hot Air Brush....Has anyone tried this? will it give me volume?
could you tell me what you think about them? Im hoping that it will be easy to do my hair with.

Hope you have picked up a few useful things from this post!

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