Sunday, 9 December 2012

LONDON! warning contains amazing pictures!

I dont often go to london, 
I went the other day because Motel Rocks had a sample sale thing going on, 
I thought id give myself something different to do!
mother came with me... coz I cant do london on my own ... id get lost!

Heres what I wore

This is me at the Motel sample sale 
never been to one before, It was not amazing..
had to get changed infront of everyone coz there was no changing rooms...
but I had shorts on under my skirt and left my top on so I didn't mind as much 
I Brought a dress (wearing in a pic below) & a bright blue playsuit!
 I may show them in another post.

After the Motel sale me & my mother went to lunch, 
we both had a panini, then we went to Harrods!


window displays ... WOW, these are the window displays I did not take these

After being totally amazed by the window displays we went in!
I smelt Chanel No.5 for the first time!
was not what I expected, it was a very nice smell..girly, but not in your face at all.
Opposite the Chanel stand was Lady gaga's perfume I also had not smelt that so I gave it a go!
Again not what I expected it was really nice! I really liked it!

Harrods is so big we had to get a map .. 
I just wanted to be a big kid and look at the disney section and all the toys!
... so I did haha  
You may note im not wearing the same thing
I wanted to change into my new dress, went to the very lush ladies room to change!
It was so fun looking at all these beautiful things =]

I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful pictures! 
thanks for looking!

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