Friday, 2 September 2011

Oh my G O S H

When I first discovered this I saw a picture of Jeffree Star's nails and was like .. :O woah.
I kept researching but didn't find much, I was so frustrated.
I rummaged around the house to find some craft glitter 
(thinnest glitter I could find)
I found some and did this!

I was in love !

A couple of days later 
I went to town and I was looking for make-up in Super-drug and came across this on the shelf!
I was so excited, they had an offer on, it was a must have!

So I got the GOSH Nail Glitter!
01 Silver
10 Blue Sapphire
and 05 Ruby red 
(hate red but this looked hot pink to me!) 
£3.99 each I think

I rushed home to try it out!
It was fun to do and yes it took allot of time!
The glitter feels bulky on your nail tempting to scratch off.
I found that when you use a top coat it dims the glittering =[ 
But never the less I love it !


  1. My friend Lauren and I just tried this and it turned out really well, thanks for posting this!

  2. ah brill! its a bit hard to get off your nails though ! x