Sunday, 11 September 2011

Make-up throw away and what to take where!

Here is a list of make up and when you should throw it away!

Foundation (cream/liquid)     2 Years
Powder                                2 Years
Concealer                            2 Years
Cream and powder Blusher  2 Years
Mascara                              6 months
Lipstick                               12-18 months
Eye and Lip pencils              12-18 months
Eye shadow                         2 years
Eye cream                           6 months
Moisturiser                          2 years
Sun cream                           2 years
Face cream                         2 years

Here is a guide to what make-up you should have where!
also I have put next to it what I use !

Home Make-up

Foundation                         Avon Smooth minerals ivory
Concealer                          Collection 2000 cover up stick
Powder                              Collection 2000 mineral powder
4 eye shadow colours
Eye-liners                           Avon Mega impact and Rimmel London exaggerate
Mascara                             Max Volume Flash Rimmel London or Avon Spectra lash
Blusher                               Avon face pearls
Lipstick, gloss and lip pencil

Everyday Make-up bag       Hello kitty

Small foundation, concealer and blusher
Pressed powder
Mirror                                 Hello Kitty
eye shadow small palette     Front Cover to go
mini mascara                       Lacara beauty
lip gloss                              Glam shine
mini brushes
face cream                          No'7 Day cream

Evening Make-up Bag

Lipstick or gloss                 Glam shine
Lip pencil                           Avon Glimmerstick
Eye liner                             Avon Mega impact
Compact powder
Mini perfume                      Seductive -Primark
Breath mints

Sourse: Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual

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