Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kitsch Kaos ?

Haha that's me !

I LOVE Kitsch Kaos, its just such a cool site 
and there's so many different things on there, really good for gifts!

Here are the good points..

  • There is FREE UK SHIPPING < WOOO! 
  • They point out the best sellers
  • They have a customer gallery 
  • When you submit a picture they give you a good discount
    that lasts ages! 
  • They tell you what's new to the store (freshly baked)
  • You can keep up-to-date by adding them to
    Facebook,Twitter and My Space!
  • They are also a wholesalers (if you own a shop)
  • You get free gifts when you order!
Here are my Favourite items!  

Thanks for reading .. 
Now go and look at this unique inspiring site!

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