Wednesday, 14 September 2011

7 hairstyles for everyday of the week challenge

 Monday morning Wash and go!
This is what my hair is like when I have washed it. All I have done is wash and dried it just using my hands or a paddle brush and put a bandanna on. but for the people with curls and waves you can straighten with GHDs to get a smooth straight finish remembering to use heat protector!

Tuesday messy clip up.
all I did was took my un-brushed hair hair and held it up at the back like I was going to do a pony tail then twisted my hair about 4 times then twisted it close to my head then secured it with a claw clip. I like to have my layers left out.

Wednesday sides up.
Take 2 comb slides and slide them up in front of each ear and back then push them back on themselves
then add hairspray to the sides.

Thursdays Bun
brush your hair into a pony tail, secure, get a bun ring and pull your hair through then grip your hair over the bun so the bun is not showing (look at the back of your hair to make sure) then spray all over the head!

Fridays Big Hair !
back comb/brush you hair spray using a strong hold hairspray so it lasts all day and night ! and I have pushed my block fringe to the side just to give myself brand new look! Easy!

Saturdays curls !
Using a big curling wand or curling tongs I curled my hair away from my face each side so it looks like my hair is blowing in the wind! Then use a firm hold hairspray like Bed Head Hard head, or Shock waves hairspray and maybe a bit of shine spray! after that you will be ready to PARTY!

Sunday trendy plaits!
okay so this is not your usual plait, what I did was start a normal plait at the side of my head then only take a section from the back on the 3rd strand and carry on down then when You cant take any more hair from the back finish with a normal plait and secure with a clear band!

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